Art is my passion and I was inspired to be creative from a very young age. My mother always supported this gift of mine and throughout my youth, I took numerous classes in drawing, painting and sculpture. I learned at a young age that when I create art, I experience the true contentment and fulfillment of this passion. I was born and raised in Poland, and currently reside in Seattle. It is a place I love and chose to live in, for its diversity and cultural richness. That duality matches my personality perfectly.
As a young adult, I attended the Academy of Fine Art in Poland. I met some amazing professors there who mentored me through my passion and discovery of graphic design. I graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree; majoring in Industrial Design, with a minor in Graphic Design.
Artistically speaking, my design work is unique and versatile. I am very open to projects of all shapes and sizes. I am able to design anything—from posters and catalogs to packages, logos, and websites. I research each project I’m assigned and work successfully in both the print and electronic mediums. My signature style is clean with a dash of bold color for balance and vibrancy. I enjoy playing with color, texture, form and am artistically inspired by the beauty in objects, people, emotions, and personalities I see every day!
I advocate a process of design that includes the client, so that I can hone in directly on what their needs are. Some of my greatest strengths are that I am intuitive, an excellent observer and a good listener. The greatest compliment to me is when I hear feedback from my clients and they say, “This is exactly what I wanted.” It brings a sense of satisfaction that motivates me time and again.